Shantal Chahin

Shantal Chahin

New York, NY, US


LOVE YOUR SENSES: When Senses Seem Tangible

The Zarpi Bathhouse Chamber is driven by the desire to join with its surrounding landscape creating a topographically visual connection. In addition, attention to water and its vocal qualities is introduced as the principle driver over the alternative spaces. 

Accommodating different cultures and their respected levels of intimacy led towards an investigation of the distinct atmospheres and conditions created by alternate spaces. Several form finding methods were undergone and continuously studied as to ensure a variety of carefully crafted environments within the bathhouse. When water is mixed into the equation, it acts as the main driver over the experience and overall scheme of specific environments within the bathhouse. 

Mouths have the distinct capability of altering the methods in which sound can be emited in a matter of seconds. When investigating the manner in which water falls in a specific environment, a comparison between the different sounds emitted from lip gestures is studied and evaluated. 

In addition, due to the structures ribbon condition, a rainwater system is developed. Cool water runs down slowly heating up as it passes through the solar heated walls reaching the steam floor on the lower level. As water evaporates and condenses, cool air is emitted below creating a variety of environments within the bathhouse. 

The spaces throughout the building are classified into several categories, Multitude, Mixed Possibilities and Couples. As spaces change in form and height, the sound qualities created by the water create distinct ambiances within the structure. 

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US