Shantal Chahin

Shantal Chahin

New York, NY, US


BARCELONA: When the Tourist Becomes a Local

A multistory development of apartments is designed to redefine what is conceived as the vernacular within the city of Barcelona. The central focus of the entrance and the building’s character is the presence of a park within the block., following Cerda’s ideal plan for Barcelona. 

The key aim of the project was to produce an apartment complex that would accommodate the jet-setter society that frequently roams through Barcelona. An electric vibe is produced as a fluctuation of different people continuously shifts. The rooms are developed to allow flexibility between the amount of people seeking accommodation (rooms can be easily adjusted in order to fulfill the needs of the resident). 

The courtyard is one of the main defining elements of the architecture that not only allows proper lighting and ventilation to penetrate the residential living quarters, but guarantees the well-being and visual comfort of the people who live within the building. The building is meant to be perceived as an extension of the buildings in its immediate proximity while transforming into the modern glass facade that is commonly used in todays century. 

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US