RHB architectes

RHB architectes

Strasbourg, FR



The Vauban’s nursery-school is located in front of the historic district called ‘the Neustadt’.

Beyond the compliance of accessibility and security of the equipment, the project seeks to find qualitative transitions between the interior and exterior highlighting the current qualities of the building.

On the city side, along the Louvain’s street, the creation of a forecourt, with two access ramps for disabled people, offers an architectural requalification of the public space. The building benefits from it and while enhancing the symmetrical composition of the existing built heritage.

On the courtyard side, a work of redevelopment of the outer peripheries of the rotunda is engaged with the creation of a ramp which comes with an enlargement of the covered courtyard area. The playroom, located on the ground floor of the rotunda, benefits from a simplified and sheltered accessibility towards playground spaces.

The rotunda and the whole school have regained a 360° opening on the surrounding wooded landscape.

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Status: Built
Location: Strasbourg, FR
Firm Role: Main architect
Additional Credits: - C2BI : cost estimator
- SIB ETUDES : structure engineer
- SOLARES BAUEN: mechanical plumbing engineer
- ID : electricity engineer
- ESP : acoustic engineer