RHB architectes

RHB architectes

Strasbourg, FR



The requalification of public spaces of the heart of the historic town of Benfeld (situated near Strasbourg in France) presents a complex context. The enhancement of the urban heritage plays with the economic and social reality of a living urban center which offers attractive and varied local independent shops.

Our aim is to offer shared spaces between the different modes of transport while promoting the heritage of Benfeld and creating free spaces, suitable for multiple ephemeral events.

This is reflected by the installation of a coat of granite like material slabs. The epicenter of this redevelopment is the town hall, and it spreads out over the surrounding streets, as well as on the sidewalks, plots and traffic areas.

A play of interweaving materials is installed, with asphalt zones which creep into the granite paving. The space is treated in a peaceful way, with traffic lanes limited at 30km/h, a meeting area shared by pedestrians cyclists and drivers, as well as pedestrian spaces.

In order to contribute to the new image of the town, the project also includes spaces dedicated to technical equipment, enhanced by a wooden mesh. A public passage was created in the annex of the presbytery, thus allowing a link with the redeveloped square of the medieval walls.

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Status: Built
Location: Benfeld, FR
Firm Role: Main architect
Additional Credits: - BRUNO KUBLER : landscaper
- LOLLIER : roads and utilities infrastructure
- LEA : light engineer