RHB architectes

RHB architectes

Strasbourg, FR



The ambition of this landmark is purposely expressed by a simple, uncluttered and « chic » volumetry. In such a context, characterized by massive and complex architectures, by dense urban planning, the choice of a sobre and elegant volume, the use of noble materials (stainless steel and wood) single out the center ; Its dinstinctive design makes it easily recognizable.The stainless steel cladding, which shapes the envelope of the building, was chosen for its aesthetic qualities of reflection. Spread across each facade, the material provides an abstraction of the building, in order to put the city and the tourist at the forefront ; it is the mirror of the city of Strasbourg, of the visitor... a kind of kinetic interweaving between architecture, landscape and human being.

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Status: Built
Location: Strasbourg, FR