RHB architectes

RHB architectes

Strasbourg, FR



There is a duality between the research of compactness and the location of the accommodations in a wide natural landscape. The project is organized around a main street which is divided into small private alleys which allow the vegetation to infiltrate while releasing unobstructed views of the landscape

The goals of the project are the readability of each entity in order to identify each accommodation, privacy of the group and for families inside the group, separative accesses at each people groups, private access for each house.

This comb implantation frees natural transitional spaces (forest, infiltration valleys, planted spaces) that allow intimacy between groups.

As far as typology is concerned, the diversity of rooftops shapes gives each house a kind of singularity and helps it to indentify itself.

The project is designed to accommodate the nomadic lifestyle: night spaces and sanitary are separated and away from living areas. These living space are large in order to be open towards the garden, to ensure a continuity between inside and outside.

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Status: Built
Location: Kaltenhouse, FR
Firm Role: Main architect
Additional Credits: - C2BI : cost estimator
- SIB ETUDES : engineers
- CEREC : fluids and electricity engineers
- LOLLIER: roads and utility infrastructure