RHB architectes

RHB architectes

Strasbourg, FR



The construction of the market hall is part of the municipality's commitment to revitalize the historic city center. The site is characterized by a rich history of salt harvesting. That’s why the architecture of the salt works and graduation buildings inspired the project. The transversal implantation of the market hall responds to urban challenges, it creates a front built along the street, thus freeing up a public square while proposing a crossable "arch" that puts the space in perspective. In order to create a versatile urban scene that can accommodate several uses, our intention was to propose a different image of the traditional market hall. The new hall is composed of a steel structure resting on two pillars which contain the technical components of the hall. These two volumes have been designed in concrete with stainless steel cladding, a material that allows them to be blurred while reflecting the environment. This new facility, due to its uses and architecture, is in dialogue with its historical context and its current situation. The market hall disappears in favour of the activities that will animate the public life of Soultz-Sous-Forêts. 

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Status: Built
Location: Soultz-sous-Forêts, FR
Firm Role: Main architect
Additional Credits: - ECHOES : cost estimator
- SIB ETUDES : structure engineer
- CEREC : fluids and electricity engineer