RHB architectes

RHB architectes

Strasbourg, FR



The after-school is located between the two existing buildings. It forms a programmatic link between the different entities and connects them together. On the west side, a playground and a generous green space which is provided for after-school activities. The hall is a meeting point and a crucial topological space. Two patios bring natural light and views in the activity rooms. These rooms are wide opened on the western green space and its high existing trees. An extension of the nursery school on the south facade is proposed. It allows a global reconstruction of this facade in order to offer wide and generous glazed openings on the school’s playground.

The existing courtyard is relocated in the western part of the site. A north-south circulation creates connections between the nursery-school, the elementary-school and after-school. This circulation works like the backbone of the school equipment. Particular attention is paid to the creation of a homogeneous shell on new constructions or refurbishments works, in order to reach a unitary and sober rendering.

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Status: Built
Location: Gambsheim, FR
Firm Role: Main architect
Additional Credits: - C2BI : cost estimator
- SIB ETUDES : structure engineer
- CEREC : fluids, electricity and environmental referent
- ESP : acoustic engineer