Anthony Bomben

Anthony Bomben

Brooklyn, NY, US


Motorcycle Center

The International Motorcycle Center is located in the lower downtown shopping district of Denver, Colorado. The Center provides a space for motorcycle enthusiasts to gather and learn about motorcycle history and technology. The program contains classrooms, exhibit space, educational repair shop facilities, a 100 seat auditorium, a small cafe and a gift shop.

The building is located on the corner of two high traffic streets that mark the beginning of the 16th street pedestrian mall. The corner of the site provided an opportunity to create a public plaza that opens to the pedestrian mall. The large curved wall defines the separation of the public and private spaces.

Three glass volumes act as filters between public and private. They house the cafe, gift shop and entrance. Beyond the glass volumes visitors enter a large open space that acts as the main exhibition space for the center. Behind the large exhibition area three opaque volumes contain the shops and garages that support the center. A large stair case leads visitors on top of the volumes where the educational activities take place. From the educational center visitors have access to the 100 seat auditorium that projects over the main exhibition space. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Denver, CO, US