Anthony Bomben

Anthony Bomben

Brooklyn, NY, US


GAUD Exhibit

The GAUD (Graduate of Architecture and Urban Design) exhibition was created to display work from the 2007 - 2008 school year. Given a tight budget and limited space a team of students was asked to design and organized the exhibition in time for new student tours of the school.

An organization system was created to group the different work into various categories exposing the relationships of the studios throughout the program. The top ranking group was displayed using cardboard rings with images of the work printed on the inside. The suspension of the large rings created a low ceiling that engaged the viewers as they moved through the space. Podiums placed between the rings were created to display the three dimensional work in the exhibition.

Along with the built and printed exhibit two interactive screens allowed users to explore the script used to create the groupings in the design process. The four running up organizations were printed on vinyl and displayed along the adjacent wall.

Project Team: Michael Szivos, Maria Tsaftari, Anthony Bomben, Kyle Kennedy, Pawel Gurdak, Liangie Otero, Michelle Nicholls, Scott Savage, Aurana Srithavatchai, Kimberly Touhey, Felica Yong

Photography by Jessika Creedon

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Status: Built
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US