Anthony Bomben

Anthony Bomben

Brooklyn, NY, US


Hastings Velo

2,500 sqft bicycle retail store 

Hastings Velo bicycle shop is located in Hastings on Hudson, New

York. The small New England town is surrounded by numerous
trail systems and scenic bike rides. Originally hired to design the
interior renovation of an existing retail space in the Riverton Loft
building, Anthony Bomben managed the construction of the
2,500 square foot space.

The store is divided into two halves, one contains a row of two tier
bike racks and the other contains a service bay and lounge area.
Dynamic accessory xtures allow sta to quickly rearrange the
space in order to accommodate a variety of events. Incorporated
into the point of sale area, a coee lounge provides comfortable
accommodations for cycling enthusiasts enjoying bike races
playing on the television.

Rolling metal doors on the East wall allow easy access to back
stock while providing display space for cycling products. The
counter tops are made from reclaimed oor joists saved from the
demolition of a Brooklyn brownstone. Metal caps fastened to the
edges of the counter tops protect against damage from handle
bars as bike enter and leave the service bay.

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Status: Built
Location: Hastings on Hudson, NY