Anthony Bomben

Anthony Bomben

Brooklyn, NY, US


Corian Lighting

The Corian Lights started as an exploration in CNC milling flat sheets of Corian, a DuPont material. Working with a fellow student, Andrew Peterson, we explored the bending limits of the material.

To increase the height of extrusion we adjusted the milling patterns of cuts into the flat sheets. After creating cutting patterns we heated the material and pulled the center upwards in an adjustable jig. After creating many different proto types we created a cutting pattern that would allow us create two different types of light shades.

The first shade was extruded to the maximum height. This shade was cut in half to for two wall sconces. The second shade was only extruded to 3/4 of its potential height. This shade was used as and up shade on a floor lamp. By stopping the extrusion short of its potential the shade emitted less light in the horizontal direction to prevent blinding people in close proximity. 

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Status: Built