Manuela Rodriguez Pacheco

Manuela Rodriguez Pacheco

Madrid, ES


Renovation: New Offices for INCOL, S.A.

Two homes built in 1948 were remodeled to house the new offices for INCOL, S.A. Their deteriorated state required extensive maintenance work, reconfiguration of electrical and sanitary installations, as well as redesigning the interiors for new use. The new plan is designed to conserve the essential elements of these era homes, while maximizing the interior space and incorporating the best possible use of daylight.


House 1(South)
1st floor Boutique: 36 m2
Office Rental Space: 60 m2
2nd  floor, Office Rental Space:160 m2

House 2 (North)
INCOL S.A. Offices: 450 m2
(working area, 5 restrooms, cafeteria, archives, conference room and roof garden)

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Status: Built
Location: Bogotá, CO