Manuela Rodriguez Pacheco

Manuela Rodriguez Pacheco

Madrid, ES


Parque Ostende

Area of Urban Plan: 2,282 m2
Contemplative Spaces: 100 m2
Green Zones: 2,042 m2
Walkways / Paths: 140 m2

This park is part of the housing project of the same name. Being a cession zone within the city, it is designed taking into account the various pedestrian flow patterns, as well as the need to beautify the area while limiting the sound and air pollution. It must also be a connection point between the main thoroughfares Avenida Ciudad de Cali and Avenida Cr. 13.

The landscape design seeks to form a green barrier to protect the housing project from the neighboring noise and smog caused by the main roads. Trees of large size and dense foliage surround the zone, while species of smaller size define the central spaces, lending a more intimate scale to the interior. Being an area with limited green areas, the design of the park also includes transit spaces, as well as contemplative spaces, in an effort to provide a wide-reaching public green space for the city and local inhabitants.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Bogotá, CO