Manuela Rodriguez Pacheco

Manuela Rodriguez Pacheco

Madrid, ES


Casa Delirio

This house is designed seeking the best use of the views offered by the site - towards the northwestern side, mountains, and on the opposite side, the Pacific Ocean. Taking into account the warm and humid climate of the place, the house is ventilated naturally and does not need mechanical air-conditioning. Its ample and open spaces offer maximum comfort for a vacation home on the Mexican coast.

The central palm shelter, or palapa, is the central organizing element, maintaining the public spaces in the center and affording privacy to the bedrooms that border the property.

Client: Mr. & Mrs. Hagerstrom
Location: Puerto Escondido, México
Total Area: 260 m2
5 Bedrooms
7 Full Bathrooms
2 suites: Bedroom, Studio, Bathroom and Private Terrace


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Status: Built
Location: Puerto Escondido, MX