Manuela Rodriguez Pacheco

Manuela Rodriguez Pacheco

Madrid, ES


Experimental Digital Architecture

The experimental studio, directed by Juan Pablo Ortiz and Daniel Bonilla, seeks that its students create new architectural proposals based on alternative design methods. This project, in particular, is based on the tree as its generative element, and taking into account that the use of the building must be public and that the intervention affects the surrounding public space.

The project begins by a process of digitally altering the image and structure of tree leaves. Different levels of magnification and abstraction reveal a geometric composition of the leaves that are consistent with the theories of Voronoi, which describe the geometry of nature. Three vertical cores provide structural support to the building and provide vertical circulation. A second independent structure describes the façade – a light building envelope that gives form to the building. Panels in various tones of green, both translucent and transparent, make clear the evocation of the tree crown.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bogotá, Colombia