Israel Rodriguez

Israel Rodriguez

Pasadena, TX, US


Research Center for Personal Transportation

The design explores an investigation of spatial sequence in relation to movement and the ability to educate through such a method. Sensory education in a manner of speaking.

The design proposes a divide between two realms: that of the educational and that of research-based. These sectors feed into two integrated network of grids taken from a site and an overall city planning grid. In doing so, a contrast is created between that of the constant flowing motion of the public becoming an extension of Main Street as circulation path, juxtaposed to the static nature exhibited in research oriented spaces., which house research workshops specific to employee use. Human disposition to follow these trends help quickly educate the public, create a learning experience, as well as help create a deeper understanding about the nature of the facility and the studies that occur within the space.

The design focuses on pedestrian movement both on bicycle and on foot. This idea is expressed through the idea of path. A path that originates from entry and exit nodes on desired points of the site that are designed to intake traffic. This path forces an entry and exit condition through the interior and exterior of the building. The intention of the path's movement is to gradually educate the public about alternative transportation. The path's movement out of the building expels visitors into exterior displays and to the southeastern side of the site facing the rail, this is designed as a continual reminder of the final product or ultimate goal of the function of the building, while the interior is more geared to educating the public about the process in which this takes place. The path is then used as medium to create movement by designing spaces around the path in such a way that it creates nodes along a strand that function almost as checkpoints to your next destination. In this manner, the visitor is visually allowed to observe the process of the transportation through the design studios, explicitly educated about the future of transportation in a formal setting in the auditorium, as well as being encouraged to explore the idea of movement by animating the visitors through a path that educates the more one moves along it. Education through senses.

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Status: School Project
Location: Houston, TX, US