Israel Rodriguez

Israel Rodriguez

Pasadena, TX, US


Artplace [Gallery]

The design becomes conceptualized through the medium of a nerve strand, part of a greater central nervous system.

The "Nervous system" specifically, because unlike the initial focus on the "Circulatory system", circulation only provides the given motion that gets fed into the interior programs without addressing the building's focus, art. The nervous system provides a better medium of explanation for this, by defining a path for information to travel to and through the "neurons" (programs), this "network" can simultaneously provide a reaction to the "stimuli" (site and program conditions) in relation to art.

The building system will be defined by the path that connects and unifies the outlying "sensory neurons" (program) and will provide a reaction to the "stimuli" (constraints/conditions) by forcing a gradual feed of information to visitors along the given path.

How is this "reaction" related to the project's intent, art? The path will wind and constrict around the programs while providing gradually fluidity of movement and information of local art, forcing an exposure of the artwork being displayed in the building. Subliminal feed

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Status: School Project
Location: Houston, TX, US
My Role: Architect - Lead Designer