Selim Senin

Selim Senin

Istanbul, TR


Roof Home

The architectural identity of the house is formed by the roof form that rises from 1 floor to 3 floors.The east side of the house has 1 floor, while the west side consists of 3 floors. The middle space between these two different volumes is the two-story high volume that forms the living area adn dinig space. From the two-floor hall to the mezzanine floor, you can reach the staircase between the hall and the dining hall. This staircase has a design that separates both the living room and the dining room and maintains the visual connection.Carrier elements of the staircase are designed as thin vertical carriers instead of a thick volume. These carriers also serve the home as library shelves.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Kigali, RW
My Role: designer