Selim Senin

Selim Senin

Istanbul, TR


Expo 2016 Observation Tower

The stairs arranged for seeing site of expo is placed like mountain path.These stairs definitely aren’t trying to hide – they’re the most interesting element in the tower. Reminiscent of a climbing mountain, the stairs of circulation are balanced by the long cable structure.Circulation elements can act as urban focal points outside of where people can come walk and seeing. The symbolic observation tower is conceived as a round arch of steel structure with an open-air stairs at its body.The open-air stairs contains flexible walking path and terrace which are accessed via bazaar entrance.Walking downwards from the top through a continuous stair promenade, the visitors of the observation tower experience all of the building’s in a constant motion, while enjoying dynamic 360 degree views of the city of Antalya and the Expo landscape.

The iconic Arch is in the form of an ellipse, which is a very stable structure that is often used in bridges, domes, and arches.Visitors enter the arch from an underground visitors center and can travel to the observation deck at the top in elevators that runs inside the arch.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Antalya, TR
My Role: Designer