Selim Senin

Selim Senin

Istanbul, TR


Kigali Residences

The project has two-storey frames on the long facade in opposite directions and on different floors. These two-tiered frames create a rhythmic game with being located on different floors.
The building, which has 61 apartments, ends with a penthouse on the roof.The curvilinear form of the penthouse differs from the rational design of the entire building.Spreading all over the terrace, the penthouse defines invisible terrace areas and creates intimate open spaces for the users of the house.When the guests and friends of the residents of the house arrive, they will be able to use the terrace in their private areas without encountering other residents of the house.The penthouse, which is in completely different form from the building, turns into an element that adds identity to the building in the entire architecture of the building.

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Status: Built