Nastasia Giraud

Nastasia Giraud

Toulouse, FR


SWIMMING POOL - Saint-Lys, France

AJAP 2016 | Publication : “les 100 bâtiments de l’année”, AMC n°247

Architect : Benjamin Van Den Bulcke

Co-workers : Nastasia Giraud, Audrey Leduc

Client : CAM and Municipality of Saint-Lys

Mission : Complete

Program : Demolition and Reconstruction of swimming pool installations - Area 370 m2

Cost : 760 000 € ex-Tax

Schedule : Studies 10months / Construction 9months

Status : Delivered, in june 2014

The city of Saint-Lys is located South-West of Toulouse and includes a little bit less than 9000 inhabitants. It is part of the Muretain Urban Community (CAM) that gathers 16 municipalities since 2004. It is thanks to the CAM that the renovation project of swimming pool was initiated. As the old building dated from 1967 its demolition was judged necessary. Indeed, the presence of asbestos was revealed and as the building didn’t respect the present hygiene and accessibility regulations it was the opportunity for a new project to be drafted.

“We made the choice to invest 800 000€ in this leisure center. It is a step, yes, one day it will be covered. Even if the CAM does not have the social and sportive competence, we address the topic in a transversal way in order to mesh the territory which includes three swimming pools.”

Alain Julian, Vice-President responsible of sports at General Council.

The new building aligned on the “Chemin de Laurent” establishes both the reception and the swimming pool’s limit. Its unitary facade provides a new relationship with a centralized public space around a linear forecourt, which welcomes swimmers and visitors. Being open to the public 3 months per year the building could not constitute a facade of closed shutters, instead had to present itself as a permanent element. In this way, the reception building becomes “the swimming pool’s outer wall”.

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Status: Built
Location: Saint-Lys, FR
My Role: Participation to the project design and drawing of all documents from Design Development to Construction administration during my stay.