Nastasia Giraud

Nastasia Giraud

Toulouse, FR



Architect : Nastasia Giraud

Client : Mr / Mrs Giraud

Mission : Complete

Program : Apartment renovation 70 m

Cost : 50 000 € ex-Tax

Schedule : Studies 2months / Construction 5months

Status : Delivery planned for July 2019

The “Canal de Brienne”, built in 1765, connects the Garonne river to the “Canal du Midi” and makes the city center accessible by waterway. It is therefore a central location in the city of Toulouse. As a major link to the city center the roads along the canal accumulate housing buildings since many years: traditional houses and apartment blocks coexist.

In a 1960’s building located on the south side of the canal, an apartment is subject to a renovation project. Two of the existing bedrooms are too small regarding actual regulations that require at least 9m2 per room. Therefore, they have to be enlarged to be considered as full rooms.

Furthermore, the living room and the kitchen, which have an equal area, are not optimally divided regarding space and light. The apartment also lacks storage and a lot of space is lost with the corridor. The renovation project plans to fully reorganize the layout of the rooms. The general spatial layout is retained orienting the apartment towards the canal. The bedrooms are enlarged by gaining the space of the corridor. The living room and the kitchen are gathered together in order to both bene t from the three windows looking onto the canal and optimizing natural light inside the main room of the apartment.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Toulouse, FR
My Role: Project Architect, drawing of all documents from design development to construction administration and site supervision