Nastasia Giraud

Nastasia Giraud

Toulouse, FR


ROW HOUSES - Toulouse, France

Project selected to be reviewed by the swiss architect Andrea Bassi

Teachers and Architects : Pierre-Jean Artins

Partnership : Audrey Leduc

The left bank of Toulouse knows an important growth during the 1980’s. Fontaine Lestang and Croix de Pierre districts, mainly residential, present several urban advantages. They are on one hand a city entrance and on the other hand the articulation of the South-West Faubourg of Toulouse.

It is inside this growing urban fabric that a project of grouped individual houses is integrated, as an answer to the logic of densi cation. The site is limited to the East by a railway and to the West by a road. We can nd to the North and South several individual housing interventions. Therefore, the access to the plot is created to the West in alignment with Caen street. Two housing typologies have been studied, one on a 8x32m plot, and the other 12x34m. The rst one has been developed by following a typology of a patio house. Its North/South orientation imposes two courtyards at each end and a central patio. Thought in the contemporary context, a re ection on the “inhabited wall” has been made in the way of our predecessor Louis I. Kahn.

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Status: School Project
Location: Toulouse, FR
My Role: Project Architect, drawing of all documents and modeling in collaboration with A.Leduc. Drawing of handmade renderings.