Nastasia Giraud

Nastasia Giraud

Toulouse, FR


OFFICES AND HOUSING - Toulouse, France

Participation in the workshop directed by Renzo Piano ; “La méthode Piano”, Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, Paris 2016

Teachers and Architects : Alain Grima, Claude Branger, Anne Péré

Partnership : Audrey Leduc

Following an analysis of a fragmented district that turns its back on the Garonne river, this urban project highlights the need to recreate a lost link with water. Indeed, the four linear axes parallel to the river are not easy to pass through from Henri Desbals street towards the metro stations. The study of the historical district provides a support to these thoughts by revealing a progressive fragmentation of the perpendicular axis dating from the original pathways that lead to water (Fieux street and “rue de la Farouette”). This problematic can be explained by the increase of social housing construction after the 1960’s. An effort has therefore been made regarding the transversal connections of Fieux street and “rue de la Farouette” by integrating several new public squares necessary in a district facing mutation and an increasing level of attractiveness. Located in a strategic area (for instance near schools), these public squares constitute a new urban frame between both perpendicular axes and toward the Garonne river.

After this urban project that attempts to reorganize the district already in the midst of change, the plot at the end of Fieux street becomes a strategic area for densi cation. The project of a tower facing the Garonne river comes primarily from a wish to create an opening onto the landscape. This vertical density provides an answer to the existing closed housing block and encloses the newly created public square. It also offers privileged viewpoints from the of ces and apartments. Three towers are planned in order to frame and de ne the public square facing the water, but also to create an urban point of reference leading to the river. In this way, these three towers raise at the end of Fieux street on a mineral slab that follows the natural ground while continuing the existing dike. Each tower is split in a way to optimize natural light inside the apartments and common areas. The three towers are multi-functionals. Each one of them contains stores and housing. The higher one counts 11 oors that hosts of ces. The hierarchy between public and private spaces is therefore made vertically.

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Status: School Project
Location: Toulouse, FR
My Role: Project architect, drawing of all documents (with participation of A.Leduc), renderings and modeling.