Nastasia Giraud

Nastasia Giraud

Toulouse, FR


CASA CHAPPUIS - Minusio, Switzerland

Architect : Michele Arnaboldi

Co-workers : Carlo Barra, Umberto Prisco, Nastasia Giraud

Client : Brigitte Chappuis

Mission : Complete 

Program : Renovation of an historic house - Area 470 m

Cost : 1 300 000 CHF ex-Tax

Schedule : Studies 10months / Construction 2years

Status : Delivered, in October 2018

The existence and preferential location of the Chappuis’s house along the lake “Maggiore” makes it an exceptional construction. Dating from 1870 the original structure is built with stone vaults. One oor was added later structured by a wooden oor. Then an extension and another extra height, more recent, are constructed with metal girders. These various kinds of structures that compose the construction express its story and make its renovation more complex.

As a first step, the renovation works consists in consolidating the cellars damaged by humidity and floods. Then an apartment on each floor is designed. The roof has to be rebuilt as well giving the opportunity to arrange the attic. The new roof inclination, reaching 40 degrees, allows for generous volumes. This geometry also offers a singular space.

Finally, as it is a historical house the facades are restored respecting local identity.

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Status: Built
Location: Minusio, CH
My Role: Participation to the project design and drawing of all documents from Design Development to Construction administration.