Matthew Gindlesperger

Matthew Gindlesperger

New York, NY, US


Piazza dei Cinquecento

:For many visitors, Piazza dei Cinquecento is the place of first impression into the complexity of Rome. It is a place of juxtaposition between both form in scale. Upon exiting Termini, one is thrusted into the formless void of this piazza. It is divided almost in half, consisting of a busy congestion of public transportation on one half. The second half is a conglomeration of unfriendly pathways, shabby vegetation, parking lots and incorrectly scaled building that provides further disconnection between the pieces of Piazza dei Cinqucento.

:The segregation of public space has become a plague throughout Rome, with the now commercialization of the Forum area, the Palatine Hill, and countless courtyards that were once public domain. This leaves a Rome void of public space, especially green space, harking for the need for a public intervention within the city’s center.

:The task of creating a public space, especially one consisting of green space, proves to be a tricky task within the city. It is obvious from studying such spaces in the city that planar green spaces do not maintain their nature due to such heavy pedestrian activity throughout the city. Thus a system of layers and blurs are necessary to create such a condition.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rome, IT
My Role: Designer