Matthew Gindlesperger

Matthew Gindlesperger

New York, NY, US


Benihana | New York West

:New York West is the first example of a renovation adopting many of the principles of the new prototype. In this design, the screen language of the façade is used as an element of signage as well as a visual barrier to the less-than-desirable view from the private dining rooms. These elements are also using as a way-finding element on the interior, guiding guests from cocktail bar to sushi bar, and also leading patrons to the main dining room on the second floor. Much of the design focus is on the use of Japanese design elements with clean lines, authenticity of materiality, and many references including a rendition of Japan’s national tree, the cherry blossom.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Designer, Renderer, Construction Administration
Additional Credits: SITE