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Whistling Rock Golf Clubhouse

With such a beautiful mountain landscape surrounding the golf course, it was only natural that this be our design inspiration for the clubhouse, start house and tea houses. The clubhouse reflects a careful balance between a luxurious golf clubhouse with environmental consciousness and site sensitivity. With the existing ridge as a backdrop and the cultivated landscape beyond, the building sits gently on top of the junction between these two diverse landscapes.

Formally in contrast with its undulating and lush surroundings, the rectilinear, white clubhouse appears as a beacon from across the golf course. The building concept consists of two strong white stone slabs floating above the surrounding landscape.

A composition of internal and external patios crosses the stone slabs to create a diversity of outdoor spaces and art gardens. The robust wooden facade folds in and out, creating special access to the clubhouse's panoramic belvedere, visitors are granted sweeping views out onto the natural landscape and the golfing events taking place around the building.

The building juxtaposes the diverse function related to the golf experience. Within its two stone slabs, visitors are drawn through a variety of spaces via the continuous facade and the patios. A succession of iconic spaces furnishes the building with each projecting its own identity and generating its own spatial experience.

A sensory story of scents, views and textures unravels in the contrasting interior elements of light and dark, soft and hard, smooth and rough, natural and manmade.

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Status: Built
Location: Chuncheon, KR
Additional Credits: programme
Golf clubhouse of 7,500 m2 with 27 holes golf course, restaurants, luxury apartment, pro shop, service areas, wine cellar, banquet rooms, bathing areas and multiple lobby areas

Dong Lim Development Co. LTD., Seoul

2007 -2009

2010 -2012