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Designing new buildings in existing urban areas is usually a puzzle because of the quirks and obstacles to be overcome; these can however be a source of inspiration. The existing built-up areas on the edge of the centre of Utrecht offered good clues for a masterplan for two hundred dwellings, two large schools and the layout of the outdoor space.

More important still was the theme of the hidden oasis that is such a feature of Utrecht. The city has many surprising informal enclaves both in built-up areas and in urban green spaces. These spots are urban but not paved – they have an identity of their own, and above all, are hidden.

A visitor needs to know the paths, alleys or gateways in order to find them. With this as the underlying theme, the aim was to create a hidden interior world for the Vondelparc residential area.

The assignment thus presented an opportunity for integrating parking facilities with the footpaths and green areas.

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Status: Built
Location: Utrecht, NL
Additional Credits: programme
Urban plan for the design of 19,600 m2 public space and the design of 203 dwellings and apartments

Proper Stok Woningen B.V.

project address
Vondellaan, Utrecht, Netherlands

1998 -1999

1999 -2001