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Eurojust (EU agency)

As an agency of the European Union, Eurojust handles the judicial co-operation of cross-border criminal matters. Mecanoo, in collaboration with Royal Haskoning and DS Landsacpe Architects have teamed up to design the new Eurojust premises. The new complex will form a part of The Hague World Forum area of Peace, Safety and Justice.

The concept of the dune landscape designed for the World Forum area will be continued across the Johan de Wittlaan. This design concept illustrates a strong connection with Eurojust’s neighbouring organisations, the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) and Europol. The atmosphere of soft slopes and grassy vegetation is designed to sit within the lush surroundings of The Hague’s ‘Green Heart’.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: The Hague, NL
My Role: Mecanoo + Royal Haskoning
Additional Credits: programme
Office building with conference facilities of 18.000 m2, excluding parking space.


project address
Jan Willem Frisolaan, Den Haag, Netherlands

2011 -2013

2014 -2015