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    Festina Lente

    Marcelo Gardinetti
    Sep 19, '23 11:35 AM EST

    Festina Lente, Adnan Alagic, Bojan Kanlić y Amila Hrustic

    Festina Lente is a Latin expression that gives its name to this bridge over the Miljacka River in the city of Sarajevo. It means 'to hurry slowly' and suggests proceeding with a sense of urgency, but also with careful and deliberate attention to detail. Although this is seemingly paradoxical advice, it encourages a balanced approach to tasks, emphasising the importance of neither rushing nor taking too much time.

    Built to connect the iconic building of the Vienna Secession - now the Academy of Fine Arts - with the opposite bank of the river, where a vital part of the city unfolds, this passageway is intended to become a symbol of a unified community.

    A symbolic link in the city

    The bridge represents the union of the secular and the spiritual, the link between the past and the present, between history and the flow of modern life. The loop of the bridge represents a symbolic gateway to the historic cities, characterised by their massive stone arches.

    Crossing the bridge is an experience where landscape and design merge. The route offers different views and allows you to appreciate the transition from one urban dimension to another. In addition, to encourage encounter and interaction, two benches have been placed on the ascending sides of the loop. These spaces invite and interact with other users of the bridge.

    In addition to connecting two urban areas, Festina Lente establishes accessibility parameters and a lighting system that makes it a civic symbol. The simple forms of its design evoke a series of associations and establish a new approach to the character of urban infrastructure.

    The bridge is 38 metres long and is made of steel with an aluminium finish, a combination of strength and aesthetics. It also has a low glass bulkhead around its perimeter to provide safety, which is subtly integrated into the overall design of the bridge. At night, it is highlighted by a series of strategically placed LED lighting elements that highlight both the structure and shape of the bridge.

    Marcelo Gardinetti

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