Laney LA

Laney LA Diversity Badge

Female, Asian/Pacific Islander owned

Hermosa Beach, CA


MX Residence

Located on the front lines of a public beach walkway, this elegant artist residence layers public and private spaces in order to dynamically connect one’s lifestyle with the regenerative power of nature. The material language shifts between glass, oak, and stone as it explores concepts of porosity, translucence,and privacy. 

One of the home’s most notable elements is the strategic removal of living square footage to create a spa courtyard on the third level. Tucked away behind a terracotta screen and surrounded by lush vegetation on all sides, the spa acts as a private oasis in the heart of the home for reflection and reconnection.

Despite rigid parameters, the home packs cutting edge engineering and design techniques into every centimeter of space. The result is a razor thin roof and floor plane delicately balanced atop massive stone walls. By reducing the density of these elements both above and below, the architecture is able to breathe and expand into its unobstructed views of the ocean and breathtaking sunsets.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Hermosa Beach, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: General Contractor: Silicon Bay