Laney LA

Laney LA Diversity Badge

Female, Asian/Pacific Islander owned

Hermosa Beach, CA


Black Barn

2020 AIA | LA Residential Architecture Merit Award Winner
2021 AIA | LBSB Merit Award Winner
2021 International Urban Design & Architecture Design Award Winner

Through a series of asymmetrical, volumetric explorations, this gabled home balances the affordability of simple design with the growth-oriented aspirations of its residents. With its rooted, stately exterior and hollow, soaring interiors, the residence unites progressive artistry with radical simplicity in an alternative approach to suburban housing.

Organized into two sections, the two, primary volumes are linked by a double-height dining space on the ground floor and a library bridge upstairs. The rear mass (identified by the floating, reading nook) is reserved for the master suite. 

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Status: Built
Location: Culver City
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Architect: Laney LA, Inc
General Contractor: Cunningham Construction and Development, INC
Structural Engineer: Beyond Engineering, Inc
Landscape Design: Anton Prack Design
Landscape Installation: AK Landscaping