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    By Jon K
    Feb 3, '05 10:17 PM EST

    I haven't been very productive this week. I'm not even done with 10% of the books that are lying on my desk right now - the readings are supposed to help my formulate my thesis topic so that I may propose at least 3-4 topics that can be discussed tomorrow. Needless to say I'm nowhere near a coherent topic.


    • kendogg

      stop reading that crap and start making architecture! the diagrams that come out of the GSAPP are soooo superficial and any 'intelligent' dialogue that may come out of it have already been discussed. challenge yourself and the studio by offering YOUR VISION instead of SIMULATING other people's thoughts. ie, we don't need to see another set of images explaining the relationship of A & B using 'dynamic' vectors.

      Feb 4, 05 12:52 am  · 

      OR, in other words...brainstorm, figure out what aspect(s) of architecture are compelling to you, provoke your imagination, or trouble you - what you want to follow further. Then, with the help of your critics, find readings that support, challenge, or simply explore those areas of inquiry.

      If you read everything in the world first you'll just disorient yourself and you'll be unable to make a decision.

      Feb 4, 05 8:54 am  · 

      kendogg, who ever mentioned anything about making diagrams? if you've read those books you would have known that it has got nothing to do with diagramming. i personally think architectecture students should read more rather than to just design out of pure intuition so that he/she can make more informed and intelligent design choices.

      Feb 4, 05 9:30 am  · 

      mitguy, i have read a few of those books and have gone through the process of investigating, analyzing, and ultimately diagramming aspects deduced from the the GSAPP. often what lacks from this process is personal vision where one can offer a glimpse into possible realities. that's exactly what stephenson and bucky fuller does in their writing.

      Feb 4, 05 2:27 pm  · 

      I agree with kendogg that we spend too much time reading without doing design at GSAPP. It's important to read but if theory prevents us from doing design we should then stop reading.

      One of the reasons is that at GSAPP there're too many 'ARCHTITECTS' who publish but do not even have a license... architecture is such a broad profession that words could not cover easily.

      Feb 5, 05 5:59 am  · 
      Jon K

      kendogg, just curious, which studio were you in at gsapp when you did those readings?

      between the readings and being productive, i don't think i'm near making diagrams and so far i'm not keen to fall into the trap of diagramming mindlessly in maya or something - we've been given like up to 4 weeks just to dwell in just the readings and movies so i'm still enjoying myself at that stage.

      i'm aware that gsapp suffers from the accusation of being a "diagram school" which is most evident from first year; fortunately (or unfortunately) i skipped out of first year and i haven't had a diagram studio since so diagramming isn't exactly my forte and until i attempt anything near a diagram, i'll save my judgement for later blogs.

      Feb 6, 05 11:30 am  · 

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