• Organized Spaces Exhibition

    By Jon K
    Aug 28, '05 11:24 PM EST

    I guess this will be my first involvement in any exhibition in New York City and I will be presenting an animation made with Processing.

    It is a far cry from what I initially intended to do which was actually something more interactive with a computer and a webcam but because of the lack of funding I guess a pre-recorded animation will do for now - I hope to materialize it in full scale in future exhibitions.

    It's hosted in a small modest gallery in Chinatown and here are the details for anyone interested in attending:

    Organized Spaces Exhibition
    August 26-September 9, 2005
    Artists Reception: Thursday, September 8, 2005, 6-8pm

    Guest of Honor: Singapore Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN, Mr. Vanu Gopala Menon
    Venue: Asian American Art Center (26 Bowery, 3rd Floor. New York, NY 10013, USA +
    Gallery Hours: Monday to Friday 12.30 to 6.30pm, Thursday 12.30 to 7.30pm

    "A group exhibition of New York-based Singaporean artists whose work explore planned, regimented, didactic or artistic spaces. Included are ceramics, film, paintings, photographs, prints and site-specific installation."

    Artists: Colin Goh, Jon Kher Kaw, Geraldine Lau, Alan Oei, Joel Seah, Hong-Ling Wee, Jason Wee, Su-en Wong, sciSKEW Collaborative (H. Koon Wee, Eunice Seng, I-Shin Chow, Steve Chen)

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  • Worst paying jobs

    By Jon K
    Aug 19, '05 2:16 AM EST

    Guess which profession turned up on the list of the country's worst paying jobs? View full entry

  • Another WTC Disaster?

    By Jon K
    Jul 1, '05 10:23 AM EST

    I just saw the new WTC proposal and I'm rather disappointed with the new design which looks like a regular tower, understandably to conform to NYC's safety issues and all that. But to me the more disappointing fact is that the new proposal made the whole competition look redundant. I was hoping to... View full entry

  • Final Review

    By Jon K
    Apr 26, '05 1:40 PM EST

    Final review went better than expected, at least for my project. I was still fabricating diagrams and trying to refine my thesis claim to the project the night before. My proposal for burying the Los Angeles River with 6 billion cubic feet of sand imported from the desert and using pigeons and... View full entry

  • Last Lap

    By Jon K
    Apr 2, '05 12:50 AM EST

    And so the final jury date is set on the 25th of April; and a panel of 12 (excluding Ed Keller) has be invited to crit us. The panel members include Karl Chu, Evan Douglas, Brett Steele, Joeb Moore, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Carla Leitao, Bill Macdonald, Alisa Andrasek, Franklin Lee, Chris Perry, Urtzi... View full entry

  • Salvation Mountain

    By Jon K
    Mar 21, '05 12:55 AM EST

    I just wanted to share this picture I took in the deserts of Niland on my studio trip to California. View full entry

  • Hype

    By Jon K
    Mar 1, '05 9:39 AM EST

    I attended the "press conference" launch of Volume yesternight at Columbia - a collaborative effort between ARCHIS, AMO and CLAB (Columbia Lab for Architectural Broadcasting.) You can find a description of it at As usual, the auditorium was packed and the line into the auditorium... View full entry

  • Maxwell's Demon and the Public Sphere

    By Jon K
    Feb 23, '05 8:18 PM EST

    Click here for the live version. I guess it's time for a summarized update of my work. And so, I've been scripting with Processing. - a really robust and lightweight Java program created by Ben Fry and Casey Reas that is adapted for graphics and interaction. It is still in its alpha stage pending... View full entry

  • Rule 30

    By Jon K
    Feb 18, '05 9:58 AM EST

    Physicist Stephen Wolfram spoke at a conference at Pratt's architecture department yesterday and presented his research - starting with cellular automata and the implications of computation on life and everything else, (mostly which can be found in his book A New Kind of Science.) His satements... View full entry

  • The Gates at Central Park

    By Jon K
    Feb 12, '05 11:57 PM EST

    Central Park opened to a sea of Christos' orange gates today and it was greeted with a swarm of eager New Yorkers wanting to see what this massive 21 million dollar project was all about. The event made it to the headlines of CNN on the web. Although I've seen the sketches for this project... View full entry

  • Slow

    By Jon K
    Feb 3, '05 10:17 PM EST

    I haven't been very productive this week. I'm not even done with 10% of the books that are lying on my desk right now - the readings are supposed to help my formulate my thesis topic so that I may propose at least 3-4 topics that can be discussed tomorrow. Needless to say I'm nowhere near a... View full entry

  • Reading List

    By Jon K
    Jan 27, '05 6:15 PM EST

    “In the broadest sense, our studio program will be to design an infrastructure, a game, buildings, or even a city within an inclusive general economy that we describe in this brief. We will look to the way that energy & information are stored in the landscapes of the world- cities... View full entry

  • Lottery

    By Jon K
    Jan 24, '05 1:26 AM EST

    I had to content with my fifth choice (out of sixteen) in studio lottery. I ended up in Ed Keller's studio - not surprisingly. My first four studio choices were amongst the most popular and that meant that if I didn't get my very first choice, I would have to expect anything from my fifth choice... View full entry

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