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    Maxwell's Demon and the Public Sphere

    By Jon K
    Feb 23, '05 8:18 PM EST

    Click here for the live version.

    I guess it's time for a summarized update of my work.

    And so, I've been scripting with Processing. - a really robust and lightweight Java program created by Ben Fry and Casey Reas that is adapted for graphics and interaction. It is still in its alpha stage pending its final release soon, according to the website. There is an interesting body of works online.

    After weeks of writing code for Processing, I'm currently stuck with a diagram-like interface that is supposed to embed the performance of some of the characters in Tati's Playtime. Playtime was the movie I chose to analyze. One of the reasons for using Processing is the fact that I didn't want to do a traditional mapping of the film or fall into the trend of making a Maya model. Also, the simplicity of the program allows me to handle a large number of 'particles' which would have been a hassle to work with if I had opted for Flash or Maya.

    Right now, I'm working toward some sort of a "predictive model" or "game" that will be suggestive of some of the systems that my studio is investigating. With the current diagram, what I find most compelling thing about the interface, apart from the emergent behavior of the swarm of particles, is the somewhat boring background. - which I will try to elaborate its logic in my subsequent postings.


    • RoBBie

      What systems are your studio investigating? I am interested in your strategy, but a little confused. I do go to a technical school so bare with me. I put a scenario behind it, trying to graps the concept. These Particle within your diagram represent characters or personalities. Through time, or scene 1 scene 2 and so one they develop relationships with each other. These relationships end with a simple forecasting by the view. Basically the good guy always wins ending. A game diagram, toys with the user or viewer. It ends up being like one of those books where you chose your ending. "To walk into the cave....Flip to page 43" " To run and get help....Flip to page 55. Am I close, or just reading to much into it?

      Feb 24, 05 3:07 am  · 

      visually it looks great Jon but yeah would b cool if u answer Rob's questions....

      Feb 24, 05 6:57 am  · 
      Jon K

      good question. the system is still far from being ideal and i was afraid that anyone looking at it for the first time will automatically equate the particles to swarms of people behaving in a social group - which would be a huge mistake. i'd prefer to describe the system in the likes of "scapes" (appadurai) - enitites without bodies. although the rules of self-preservation, propagation and coopetition was derived from a movie which is very loosely linked to many of our current economies / networks eg. fashion networks, mobile social networks, monopolies and politics (i wouldn't pin it down to any one of the specifically.) i'm actually investigating its emergent bahavior in terms of information and energy; an example would be how multiple networks can exist in a spatial-temporal sense (more apparent at the earlier stages if i'd added more initial particles) i hope that made some sense - i'll try to update the abstraction soon to show what i mean.

      Feb 24, 05 9:49 am  · 

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