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    Last Lap

    By Jon K
    Apr 2, '05 12:50 AM EST

    And so the final jury date is set on the 25th of April; and a panel of 12 (excluding Ed Keller) has be invited to crit us. The panel members include Karl Chu, Evan Douglas, Brett Steele, Joeb Moore, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Carla Leitao, Bill Macdonald, Alisa Andrasek, Franklin Lee, Chris Perry, Urtzi Grau and Enrique Walker. The jury outnumber us 2 to 1 - We are a group of 6 students. I'm quite glad there are amongst a few who were also part of our mid-term jury - that means that they will have a rough idea of what we are doing and less explaining to do on initial studies and more time to explain the program/project proper.

    Project-wise, my diagram has mutated to a somewhat non-recognizable and complex (and slightly convoluted) program dealing with architectural issues that I do not wish to even try and explain on this blog. Instead, I'll just pop some images of my current progress describing program, site, and game.

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      Looks enticing...let me here it

      Apr 2, 05 2:05 am  · 

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