NCARB Fee increases!!!

creativity expert

damn wont some post that pic for me.

Ncarb you suck!

Oct 4, 10 2:20 pm  · 

So, NCARB is a 'non-profit'... do they publish a financial report, operating budget, etc, for all 'members'  to read ?

Nov 25, 12 6:12 pm  · 

akm:  go to the GuideStar website ( and set up a free account. Once you have done that, you can download a copy of NCARB's 2011 Form 990 -- as filed by them with the IRS -- which should provide you with all the information you may require.

Pay attention to the Terms and Conditions -- you are not allowed to post the report here.

Nov 25, 12 8:34 pm  · 

Thank you for the link to the 2011 form 990 info...
over $18m revenue from 'members', and over $19m expenses with about 1/2 to employees.
Are they doing anything helpful/efficient, or just another government created regulatory monopoly ?
No idea, but decided not to renew.

Nov 26, 12 1:36 pm  · 

NCARB is raising their ARE exam fees again- it will be $250 per exam starting August 1st of this year.

Jul 2, 24 10:50 am  · 

When I took my exams ten years ago they were that price.

Jul 2, 24 11:39 am  · 
1  · 

I'm going to go against the norm here and say, it isnt a big deal

If you are an NCARB record holder, what is an extra $15 a year in the grand scheme of things. 

How many NCARB records are you transmitting per year that you are outraged by a $25 increase?

Yes my grocery bill jumped a lot this year because that is something I'm doing every week. 

Jul 2, 24 1:08 pm  · 
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Stop wining about ncarb fees an AIA fees, and charge the right fees to you clients. 

Jul 14, 24 7:03 am  · 
 ·  1

How much do you charge to your clients?

Jul 15, 24 10:06 am  · 

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