Hans Hollein RIP

Hans Hollein died today in Vienna at age 80.   I imagine this will be a News item, but I wanted to go ahead and talk about it, so I'm starting this thread.

Most Archinect readers will likely not know who Hollein is, frankly, as I think we skew young in the forums.  When I was in architecture school in the mid-80s Hollein's name was huge.  The Haas Hous in Vienna was underway, with its tongue-in-cheek glossiness and sophistication in what we saw as an old beleaguered city.  And he wasn't afraid to talk about sex!

I studied in Vienna for six months in 1991.  His little shops were influential to me in material handling and in having a sense of slightly cynical fun about all the things that humans make:


This Tumblr has some nice images of his early small shop work.  Look how groovy it is!

Look at this awesome, moody, menacing drawing-collage, from a different Tumblr:

Unfortunately PoMo has become so reviled (due to developer excess, but that's for another time and place) that it's now hard to look at whimsical, referential, sensual work with plain enjoyment.  It's not the kind of work I'm able to do, but I'm glad it exists, and Hollein was a master.

RIP. Death Does Come, Of This We Are Sure.

Apr 24, 14 1:09 pm
Non Sequitur

Donna, I framed the introduction of my graduate thesis on Hans Hollein's aircraft carrier photo-collages. This is sad news indeed.

Apr 24, 14 1:39 pm  · 

Oh god those aircraft carrier pieces are gorgeous!  Had forgotten about them.

Apr 24, 14 1:40 pm  · 

Some of the work reminds me of Arnaldo Pomodoro.

Apr 24, 14 1:44 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

Can't help but put one of them here for those who do not know who Hollein was.

Apr 24, 14 1:53 pm  · 

more about the early days of Hans Hollein here:

Apr 25, 14 9:58 am  · 

Wow, fantastic short story/tribute! Thank you, danielmunteanu!

Apr 25, 14 11:48 am  · 

Thanks Donna.

And here's the video:

Apr 26, 14 2:52 am  · 

A book and exhibt hat was designed by Hollientitltled  MANtransFORMS was highly reguared when ir came out. Aa great design book. Inside there is a graphic in the form of a 3-D of a grid with the word metaMORPHOSIS embedded . . I always thought this was the inspiration for the MORPHOSIS firm name (and not from Goethe). \\

Anyone know for sure?

eric chavkin

Apr 28, 14 11:32 am  · 

Yeah, MANtransFORMS is a great book. I've got a copy of it somewhere. If not for it, I would not know Hollein.

Donna, that shop is great! It reminds me of Loos's American Bar.

Apr 28, 14 12:30 pm  · 

thanks for the image JW, eric

Apr 29, 14 10:39 am  · 

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