Neil Denari vs. Diller Scofido Renfro vs.

18x32, can you provide a full reference to the Kipnis "link"?

House 10:Museum (Hejduk), 1963-67

Palais des Congres a Strasbourg (Le Corbusier), 1964

Palm Bay Congres Center, Agadir (OMA), 1990

Palais des Congres a Strasbourg analysis (Arcadia), 1991

Deux Bibliotheques Jussieu (OMA), 1992

Educatorium (OMA), 1993-97

VPRO (MVRDV), 1993-97

Azadi Cineplex (FOA), 1996

Virtual House (FOA), 1997


[I have a copy of the final court statement clearing Koolhaas of any plagiarism of a student design backed-up on some CD somewhere.]

May 12, 10 4:24 pm  · 

Ahh...This articlea bove was in Metropolis...where Nobel writes.
Here is another fold article..this one about Denari.

May 12, 10 4:31 pm  · 

For clarity. I don't think it's plagierism or theft to use the concept of folding surfaces to form buildings.. and the genealogy is interesting. It's a good study in the evolution of an architectural idea. Whoever contributed to the development of this idea, whether through origination or derivation, simply contributed to that evolution.

My use of the word "theft" referred only to psheldahl's two images above, of the particular FOA and DS+R projects. To my eye, the second building is rather obviously based on the first one. Not only the idea is derived, but the actual form and massing is as well. The DS+R drawing reads as an intentional refinement of the FOA drawing of the same building, transported to a different site. The two buildings - and their formal and probably tectonic details, are two similar to be attributed solely to the derivation of an "idea." If I was FOA, I'd be a little miffed.

May 12, 10 4:34 pm  · 

Urbanist....I believe the word "theft" was used by Farshid too, who has more right to feel cheated than any of us. I used those two images precisely because they are both diagrams in this form, pure ideas and both the same. If you think it doesn't matter, it is probably because it isn't your work that DS+R just made their own.

Let's be honest, nobody really knows about FOA's Azadi Complex and it is striking to see side by side. In the long run, it isn't my battle, but it should matter to us as Architects and designers.

As for this discussion, I too am more interested in the evolution of these ideas, it is very interesting.

May 12, 10 4:55 pm  · 

Regarding the chamfer, Schindler has the earliest example I know of..

Warshaw Residence, RM Schindler, 1937

May 12, 10 9:41 pm  · 
Distant Unicorn

larger size here

Well, that was FUN! You all should attempt it!

May 12, 10 10:08 pm  · 

Re: toasteroven's Star Trek TNG images above - the sci-fi connection is crucial. Check Syd Mead from 1979:

May 13, 10 11:55 am  · 

the chamfered corner thing is just retro, right? not new in the 00s or 90s. i expect denari and dsr and others all knew that their sci-fi looking things were retro, right? sort of aligns with the new beetle and the new t-bird time-wise...

more chamfered corners: rapson @ guthrie

May 13, 10 12:17 pm  · 

Walt Disney - the Monsanto house of the future, 1957

May 14, 10 9:32 am  · 

call me urbane...but isn't EVERY parking garage that fluid line?!?

May 14, 10 9:46 am  · 

good point, Raj.. although most of them show a gap between function and the exposure of that function int the buildings' tectonics.

May 14, 10 10:01 am  · 

cited in Log 35, p. 21

Nov 11, 15 7:50 am  · 

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