Architecture employment numbers


Here are some numbers from looking at the pool of people registered at Architizer.

If you use the search buttons there are different categories you can look at.
Unchecking and checking the "looking for work" box leads to the followings statistics:

In the US:

Architectural designers:
looking for work, 236........ total number 954 = 24.7% unemployment

looking for work, number 1344 = 15.2% unemployment

Interior architects:
looking for work, number 403 = 17.8% unemployment

Landscape Architects:
looking for work, number 117 = 17.9% unemployment

The numbers are constantly shifting because new people register every day so you may find slightly different results in two weeks, and obviously the last two categories have to few numbers to give a really solid number, but it's something keep an eye on.

Apr 28, 10 3:15 pm

I was hoping someone would challenge these numbers

Apr 29, 10 2:32 pm  · 
Distant Unicorn

Nope, they looks fairly accurate!

I would say the numbers are probably higher. But architizer is kind of a site to show off... so you're either employed and doing great work or formerly employed and doing great work.

I'm pretty sure someone from Westby, Wisconsin isn't going to be on there showing off their latest house remodel.

Apr 29, 10 3:21 pm  · 
prairie school drop out

well, architizer is probably not anything remotely like a representative sample. people making architizer profiles probably fall into the extremes: people looking for work and people looking to show off work. also, as for stateside numbers, it looks pretty heavily populated by nyc-area/the coasts populated and sort of leaves out the rest of the country. plus what about all the people who don't care about social networking! they probably fall heavily into the "employed and not looking for something else" category.

not that i've bothered to check, but can people call themselves something else other than "architectural designers," "architects," "interior architects," or "landscape architects"? what about people who label themselves as both? what about people who are students, too. also, people can be looking for a job while still having one (because i'm sure plenty of us are looking to get out of our current crappy employment situation, even though we are employed!)

so many confounding factors here. at best, i'd say it gives you an -ish estimation, a very ishy one that probably is a bit heavy on those looking for work.

Apr 29, 10 3:51 pm  · 

I think those who are looking for a job wouldn't advertise it while employed because it's so easy for their employer to find out.
Also, the overlap between architectural designer and architect should not be so big in the US (someone who's an architect is not likely to call themselves an architectural designer, right?). I mean we all know that's the difference between having a license and not.

but you're right, the younger people who are most likely to use it are also the most likely to be unemployed.

Apr 29, 10 4:44 pm  · 
Cherith Cutestory

"people looking for work and people looking to show off work"

guilty on both accounts.

Apr 29, 10 4:51 pm  · 

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