Android apps for architects?


I just caved and bought a droid + ridiculous data plan, and am curious about recommendations on the Android market... I know I can find prob about 2 billion blog posts on the subject, but I'd like to hear the archinect crowd's recommendations.

Mar 17, 10 5:28 pm

I have doodledroid, because every architect has to have something to doodle on handy. Also droidlight, which turns on the LED as a flashlight and of course a bic lighter for when power ballads come on at the bar - and a light saber. A smart phone isn't smart if it doesn't have a light saber.

Mar 17, 10 7:18 pm

npr client for andriod-not design specific but well made. it sits in the background so you can stream news stories while doing other things. you can also compile a playlist. i have a g1 and that shit is glued to my ear.

Mar 18, 10 12:18 am

My top 5

Pandora - its blocked in the office

BBC - the entire site at your fingertips with easy navigation

KATAWA - online comics

Zombie Run! - I use it as a workout app, it makes you run a certain speed/distance/direction to avoid being a human happy meal

Fake Call Me - which as you can probably guess is fake phone call, great for getting out of awkward conversations

Mar 18, 10 8:32 pm

anything new?

Aug 30, 10 10:54 am
Distant Unicorn

"Fake Call Me - which as you can probably guess is fake phone call, great for getting out of awkward conversations"

Oh geez! You're one of those people?

Why don't you do civility a favor and go fuck yourself proper.

Aug 30, 10 12:05 pm

Love the Bic Lighter! It's tough to be a non-smoking rocker...

Sep 3, 10 8:14 am


Unit Converter (for helping those people still living in an imperial world).

ColourNote (for my to-do list).

IMDB (to settle those pesky pub arguements).

SoloLite (guitaer chord library for when I can't remember how an E minor 7 diminished goes...)

Last.FM (great widget too).

DoubleTwist (good replacement for the annoying media player).

Sep 3, 10 8:20 am

Inches Calculator (or something like that) is extremely useful...lets you add/subtract inches and feet natively. It costs $0.99, but that really ain't big a deal.

Tasker is a great one as well. It lets you create custom macros and actions for your phone, like turning on GPS on when Maps is up. A really nifty trick is programming Tasker to make your phone ring by sending it a text message...very useful if you've misplaced your phone, even if it's on vibrate mode.

Sep 8, 10 1:47 am

Seeing that the android is all set to overtake the Iphone, prompted me to go in for an Android based phone. Being an architect, my first search for apps was that connected to architecture. Unfortunately did not find any post on the net that gave a list of android apps for architects, though some do exist for the iphone. Besides AndCAD I found no app that can open a CAD drawing. Hopefully Autodesk will come out with a version of Autocad WS for the Android also.

I created my own list and posted it on my blog, This has about 15 apps which Architects might like to keep on their android devices

Mar 31, 11 6:58 am

Autodesk Sketch Book Mobile is a great drawing app.

Mar 31, 11 9:35 am
el jeffe

let's cut to the makes an app to accept credit card payments.

Mar 31, 11 11:49 am

knows what to do with a ridiculous data plan (scnr)

Apr 1, 11 10:49 am

Well you need proxy sites man. Here are some of proxy sites:

You can find more at
So - just go there, click any link, and in url form type "" and press SURF.

Apr 1, 11 2:33 pm

Haha, this thread is great.

I personally am addicted to the Frozen Bubble game, even though I beat it many times. The Color Flashlight can come in handy for concerts and parties. EZ tip calculator comes in handy, as well.

Apr 2, 11 3:06 pm
Sreekanth P. S.
i r giv up

1. evernote.

2. zinio - cheap issues of the architectural record, but a ton of those amazing digital design mags from the uk for cheap (ie, not having to pay 10-15 dollars at a local bookstore).

3. google currents - good content. great layout.

4. spotify - pandora is for luddites

5. pulse - also a good news reading app.

6. skitch - for quick doodles to add to evernote.

7. kindle/nook/google books app - read more.

8. pocket - sync articles between your browser/tablet/phone with minimal effort.

Jul 13, 12 7:59 am

Bubble Level. Whip this out on a job site to check someone's work. LOL

Astrid Tasks, syncs to Google Tasks and calendar.

Pulse News, nice RSS reader.

Jul 13, 12 11:38 pm

1 . Evernote 2. Pinterest 3. Snaptube 4. Flickr 5. Tapatalk 6. Wordweb 7. Behance 8. Forest 9. Solid explorer 10. Behance 11.wunderlist

Jan 15, 17 11:12 am

Yes I do need archinect app

Jun 2, 17 4:17 am

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