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Given that I am registered as an architect since February I feel I can share my intern income level. I am curious if anyone else shares similar experience.

I've been an intern since 98 and have earned a salary of over $100k for the last two years. Last year I earned $112k working 37.5 hr weeks (no overtime) and lots of vacation. Granted this is in Canadian dollars but really it's close enough to USD for comparison.

I ask because I have classmates who went to the US thinking they will earn more

Mar 27, 14 9:56 am

Are you guys hiring?

Mar 27, 14 11:20 am
won and done williams

Come to America where we have money dripping off the trees.

Mar 27, 14 11:21 am

Wow, that's quite the intern income.  I make 40k a year, pay $1000 a month for rent.  Living expenses are about $2000 baseline a month, with my $2400 a month paychecks.  I feel like I'm about as financially secure/well off as when I was in college working at a sandwitch shop.

Mar 27, 14 11:29 am

grned - do you live in a super high tax area?

Mar 27, 14 12:28 pm

woah.  i need some of that kinda internship.  what kinda firm is that???

// im like 70% thinking

Mar 27, 14 2:16 pm
Guys. He has been in arch for 15 years. 100k isn't that crazy for someone with that much experience, even if they are not licensed.
Mar 27, 14 3:33 pm

hi everybody, I make 300k per year, full benefits, company car, prostitutes, and coke...I am thinking about finding a job in the states, all jobs down there have the same perks right?

Mar 27, 14 5:15 pm


#nyc #internlife

Mar 27, 14 5:36 pm

An "intern" in name only.

Not very impressed that it took 15+ years to achieve licensure.

Mar 27, 14 5:45 pm
Non Sequitur

I think the OP is just posting here to brag. Although an architect with 15 years experience could easily expect to make 100K+ in Canada, there are not that many markets where such salaries can be supported.

I'm with Stone above, the fact that it took him/her that long to get a license is a concern. My assumption is that this person worked as an "architect" for some government program sucking in mad dollars while doing very little work.

Mar 28, 14 10:50 am

shuellmi - Washington DC, actually.  Not a cheap city, but I think NY wins for the crazy intern to cost of living environment.


Non Sequitur - I've met plenty of people with 15 years experience unlicensed.  Perhaps its the culture of DC, but many people prefer to be subordinate workers not pursuing licensure and employers seem to prefer them.

Mar 28, 14 10:58 am

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