what does your email signature look like?


I just passed my final exam for licensure and want to flaunt my new bling in my email signature but I am afraid all of the letters and dots are a bit much. Does anybody have an elegant way to display their titles (or a funny one)?

my two choices so far are:


Space Ghost Architect, LEED A.P.

Firm Name
Firm Address


Space Ghost, LEED A.P.
Registered Architect

Firm Name
Firm Address

Oct 23, 09 5:56 pm

Yours truly,


Citizen, PhD, AIA, LEED AP

Oct 23, 09 6:30 pm  · 
won and done williams

space ghost, RA

no one cares that you are a leed ap, because everyone is a leed ap. leave it for your resume.

Oct 23, 09 7:41 pm  · 

agree with jaf..
LEED AP is clunky and looks bad.

btw: the correct designation is "LEED AP"

not "LEED A.P."
not "LEED(r) AP" (I hate it when ppl do this)

Read GBCI guidelines

Oct 23, 09 8:11 pm  · 

I did what citizen did. Everybody and their brother might be LEED AP but hell, I paid good money for those extra damn letters so its for damn sure I'm going to flaunt it.

Oct 23, 09 9:51 pm  · 
liberty bell

I go with:

liberty bell RA sometimes

liberty bell AIA sometimes (less often lately)


liberty bell RA, AIA when I'm feeling tough

I'm not LEEDed.

I think the important aspect of citizen's method is that you put the thing that is hardest to get first.

Oct 23, 09 11:49 pm  · 

Yes, ****melt is correct, I think.

We all work very hard for (most of) our credentials. Plus, I'm on the job market, and every little bit may help, who knows...

Oct 24, 09 12:27 am  · 
Distant Unicorn

I might suggest--

Firm Name
Space Ghost, PhD, RA, LEED AP

Firm Address
C/O: Mail Clerk / Secretary / Whoever else

I would suggest putting the firm name first unless you own the firm. I got into this the other day with someone else and they brought this idea on the table.

They said that the proper thing to do is the finish your e-mail as a regular letter and then put an additional signature underneath that. Technically, if you wrote your letter right... the signature is redundant.

The C/O thing is muy importante because postal carriers are now and have been stingy about non-addressed recipients picking up or receiving mail outside of the box.

Oct 24, 09 12:57 am  · 

i don't rock the LEED AP because it's retarded and while i consider myself an architect interested in sustainable projects, i friggin despise LEED. it's retarded.

Oct 24, 09 1:26 am  · 
some person

Does anyone else cringe at the double signature?

[blah blah blah content of email]

Thank you,
Just Why (<---- the cringe-able part. Just leave it off!)

Just Why, RA, LEED AP
Firm Address & Contact Info

Tag Line

Legal Statement
Please Consider the Environment statement

(Email signatures are becoming TOOOOO long!)

Oct 24, 09 11:22 am  · 

Just Why - that's why I acutally don't "sign" my emails.

holz - I agree with you amd although there are two other LEED APs in my office, I'm the "go to" girl. Everyone comes to me when they have questions, even the other two. I also have it in my signature because I am the USGBC contact and (when I'm actually have a project) I am in constant contact with the clients and reps.

Really when it comes down to it, just add what you feel comfortable with.

Oct 24, 09 11:49 am  · 


...not sent via. blckbery/ifone/etchasketch-app......

Oct 24, 09 4:41 pm  · 
brian buchalski

i usually sign off as...

st. puddles

after achieving sainthood, all the other credentials just feel kind of meaningless

Oct 24, 09 5:30 pm  · 
1  · 

I always sign off: "Master Architect"

Oct 24, 09 6:02 pm  · 

"Master Architect To The Stars"

Oct 25, 09 9:13 am  · 


kangaroo/structural goat-herd

May 6, 21 1:02 pm  · 

a 57 paragraph TOS and disclaimer

May 6, 21 2:45 pm  · 
Wood Guy

Typically, something like:

Thank you,


Wood Guy


phone #

May 6, 21 2:49 pm  · 

Why the he/him when you’re the wood GUY?

May 6, 21 3:41 pm  · 
1  · 
Wood Guy

Haha, excellent question. My real name is Mike which is not much more androgynous. I do it to support my friends and family members who are trans and for whom the assumed pronouns are not always accurate. And also for those who have androgynous names. I have several males and females named Jesse in my circle right now.

I was once confused for a woman in person, but I was young, slim and had long hair in a ponytail. Anyone who confuses older, fatter, balder me for a woman needs their eyes fixed. But it was definitely weird to be called "miss." And not just a quick misunderstanding--this was after talking for some time. An old guy at a diner somewhere in Montana. 

May 6, 21 3:49 pm  · 
3  · 

And an excellent answer!

May 8, 21 6:26 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

something along the lines of

  • NS + many letters
  • Coffee Consumption Architect
  • Slayer of Hopes and Dreams
  • Motherfucking Sorcerer
  • email

May 6, 21 3:44 pm  · 
1  · 


May 6, 21 3:51 pm  · 



Architect I Project Coordinator

Company Name, LLC

Company Address

Phone Number

Little Square you click that takes you to our website & little square that takes you to my LinkedIn. 

When I type it out like that it looks like it would be clunky but I've made my 14 font, AIA & NCARB 9 font, & the rest standard 11. It ends up being pretty a neat box of text. As far as other letters that aren't architecture license related go, when I first got my license our firms principle told me "The other letter's are so people don't feel bad about themselves if they're not licensed, the only title that matters is Architect." It's kind of stuck with me so I don't include LEED or CID.

To be perfectly honest, I only include AIA because at the time I wanted letters after my name. They don't matter either.

May 6, 21 4:48 pm  · 
1  · 

*Made my name 14 font

May 6, 21 5:03 pm  · 


Company Name

Company address/number/etc

No titles, no rank, no credentials.  you can determine the importance of the email/request/response by the content within the email.  Or not, whatever.

May 6, 21 6:05 pm  · 
1  · 

Registered Architect
o. 123.456.789
c. 987.654.321

Firm Name & Info Yadda Yadda

It's too long, but it's scripted so everyone in our firm has the same basic signature. I added my cell number because I'm a glutton for punishment.

May 7, 21 8:22 am  · 
1  · 

Kind regards,


Professional membership title and letters

Company name

Company add.

Contact phone

Contact email

May 7, 21 11:08 am  · 
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