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Well, when the news of the Target credit card security breach came through, I wondered if I had shopped there in recent years.  I wonder what their cut-off is as to how far it goes back.  I might have shopped there on-line but, again, not recently.  I got an e-mail from them.  It doesn't ask for any information.  It just makes for some kind of tracking service available to you, as the news channels indicated they would do.

I keep statements for 2 to 3 years.  I will look through them to see if and when I shopped there.  Has anyone shopped there in the recent past?  Has anyone gotten an e-mail?

The number was initially set at 40 million customers.  That number then climbed substantially.  I wonder why so many people were added to the list of those considered impacted.

Jan 17, 14 11:17 pm

If you were at risk, your Bank should have contacted you by now.

Chase sent me an email during the Holidays saying they are going to replace my card. This was part of the email:

"We are sending you a new debit card because your current card ending in xxxx was identified as at risk because of Target's data security breach after you used it at a Target store between November 27th and December 15th."

Unless you got something of that nature from your bank, I'd say that you are safe, especially since you don't recall buying anything there during the last few months.

Jan 18, 14 12:59 am

Thanks.  I will call my credit card companies.  I get those offers from them for this and that, so I may have not seen it because I ignored it.  I'll call them by phone.  Thanks again.  That seems like a sensible way to go.  However, I think that the Target e-mail "looks" normal enough, but I wasn't going to proceed with it until investigating further.

Jan 18, 14 1:22 am

i've heard target is offering their customers a fraud monitoring service.  i haven't seen the email, but there is a fair chance it's legitimate.  if you're leery, especially if you don't go to target, you can skip their monitoring solution and just check your credit report.  the government passed a law a few years ago saying consumers can check their report for free once a year.  i think the website is but i'm not sure.  get your report from one the ratings agency, wait a couple months and the get the next one, then wait a couple months and get the third.  then you'll have a pretty good idea if someone is pretending to be you.  also, is pretty cool.  i've given them all my person information and have not regretted it yet, so they're probably not that bad.  at least in my experience.

my experience is the same as roshi's (except not chase).  my credit card company is going to cancel my card and issue a new one.  it sounds like some of the credit card companies (or all of them) are just going to replace everyone's cards, which will take a while.

Jan 18, 14 10:28 am

I once had two cards compromised in two days. The only place where both were on file were Amazon and Paypal. Neither admitted a breach. I managed to track one of the abusers to Singapore using a shipping address supplied by the vendor. I passed the info along to the cc company but have no idea if they bothered to do anything about it. They probably used it as a tax write-off even though the charge (> $2,000) was never completed because the vendor was suspicious.

Every week I get multiple "take the cash" offers from banksters, no interest, only a 4% transaction fee. Back in the day, before they started charging  transaction fees, I took one of their zero interest cash advances for the max on my account ($40,000) and put it in a high interest account for a year, making the minimum payments every month.  I think I "made"  about $1,500 in interest. Boy were they pissed when I paid it back on time without interest.

Jan 18, 14 12:17 pm

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