rhino + vray + spotlight = no light


I'm trying to render an interior scene using Rhino + Vray. Vray supposedly is compatible with the lights you can create from Rhino (ie. Spotlight, Point Light, Rectangular Light...etc). I've had success with the Rectangular light but for some reason no matter what I do to the settings of the Spotlight, it refuses to produce any light.

So, I'm just wondering if there are any Vray gurus out there that can throw some advice my way about spotlights in vray.


Nov 26, 08 10:52 am

use Vray lights with IES files


but ya i have found regular lights to be compatible, so maybe it is settings or you could ask at the support newsgroup and get your support from the source.

Nov 26, 08 10:55 am  · 
FOG Lite

if you are using physical camera settings or the vray sun you will have to crank the multiplier on the spotlight WAY up. The rectangular light is best however. Check out the ASGVis forums for more help.

Nov 26, 08 11:10 am  · 

I encountered the same problem as yours. U need to set up the unit of the light as Lumens and increase it up to 1000000+. And make sure your light volume is very close to your target object.

Nov 25, 20 1:03 am  · 

The last comment worked ^. Raising the  intensity to 1000000~ and units to Lumens(power) worked. Thanks.

Wonder if this is a user error or a software glitch.

Dec 30, 20 9:58 am  · 

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