Hi all you fancy graphics lovers


Dude, you make no fucking sense.

Jun 29, 08 7:34 pm

I realy don't care first of all your language is simply dirty ,it make me as a person with english as secondary language feel ashame on behave of people with english as primary language ---
Second I am happy to see how 3dh has inspired, -- that this great method has the potential to cgange architecture , I understand why you hate when that happen , for you to realise how a brilliant new idea can come from a person who do not use F words or use a language ment for the gutters, --- but for me it is nice to get also the positive response . that after this tread 3dh inspired structures seem to be ten fold. It is nice to know you changed architecture, it is nice to know what is ahead .

So evn you don't understand, and I guess you don't understand what I write here to, then what would I care ; you answer dirty in a tread continued by someone who feel like giving some credits, that's what hurt you .

Jun 30, 08 5:10 am


so is it holographic?

From the website:

To empower dimensional imagery to be purposeful, realistic and with minimal physiological side-effects.

3dh has created a powerful technology that comes with great responsibility. We must maintain integrity, responsibility and moral judgment as we cultivate relationships and build the 3dh brand. We will strive for world-class service and client satisfaction through the pursuit of excellence for the benefit of our shareholders, employees and communities around the world.

Is it all just a hologram? The projector images? The interlacing? Is it just a metaphor like a modern day DaVinci Code?

Dec 19, 08 12:00 am

Its a little comforting to know that no matter what bad news goes down, what economies crumble, Per will still be there not building this "revolutionary" 3dH thing that is unbuildable (otherwise he'd have built something, wouldn't he?) and crying out that "the man" is keeping him from actually constructing something from it because he cannot handle what he is laying down and it is still the most awesome thing evah (that doesn't actually work).

I should also point out that for over 2 years of long posts (quite the insult coming from me) his english has not gotten one shade better. What's the chance he's going to learn his pride and joy won't work, given that he has used english every day for the last few years and still can't get the hang of that?

Per, keep being you!

Dec 19, 08 2:01 am

Is that realy all you can puke crowbert, -- the useal blabble about spelling english words followed by a sad complain about 3dh not working, when just going a few pages back, anyone can see some less tallented copying the very same and making it work.
Sad sad jelouxy why aint you able to powder up a building method that is crowding bigger and bigger audience, why did you go here to ansver the best english you maneage, the class bulli's vokabular not more no less, your stinky thoughts about me, my person my works : and only to brag about how "strong" you are, you'r fake a jeloux , someone who has only one thing on his mind, how he hate himself not to has the same tallent as the one he try svine.

Dec 19, 08 4:12 am

But allow me to display what crowbert wouldn't comment, the very reson for his sick thoughts about a man thousand of miles away, someone he newer met and someone who in this tread started it all, by sharing a brilliant new method that bind together the intire process from projecting to manufactoring, in a way no one before realised.

See you has to visit another tread the "Galleri Masonit" tread, be sure that is what sparked the guesses in crowberds head, his mindreading, and the words he published as being my intensions and resons -- and guess what, he didn't even ask me if this was right first....

Anyway it's guy's like crowberd who want a stinking pond and not beautifull pictures and why bother about some jeloux guy's guesses about what Per Corell think and do when you can read it all in treads like Galleri Masonit. As these are also fancy graphics they also collected a crowd of audience, like this;

But sorry -- you must find Galleri Masonit yourself to check why crowberd went to this tread that he think make safer ground for him playing strong man (cowardly throwing dirt ) ;

Dec 19, 08 4:32 am

Btw crowbert --- last time I asked you how many languages you master, why didn't you answer ?

Dec 19, 08 4:34 am

Comunicating in another's toungue is difficult for anyone; i can understand Per and so can most everyone here and thats what counts.

What are the latest 3dH developments?

Per - You need to make a 3dH website, a repository of knoweledge and drawings before the brand name 3dH gets pirated. As you can see from my post above there exists a company now called 3dH.

Have you thought about a patent for the system?

Dec 19, 08 10:29 am

My thought about Patent is that a lot of people vasted money and time with that. My experience that you stop develobing. 3dh must be shared I want it to be copied, -- but as it don't cost credit is due, strange thing about when one of the star studio's tried often sadly with lack of compentance, -- some monster turned up, and that's the copying I don't like, when unqualified use destroy a great method's reputation, and no one yet talk one single word about it's all made from.

3dh can be further develobed it's more than a pray, but offcaurse I would rathe see, just a tiny bit of honesty in architecture, n doubt there.

Now 3dh realy was named halve a decade ago by participant in various discussions drafting 3dh and simular possible constuction issues, -- I don't remember who, but I to was tired of typing "3D-Honeycomb" and discussing if a bee's cave are square or hex, but 3dh has rested by this method much longer than a firm promising emty promises will last, if you can't even invent a name what's the value of the item ? And as long as a peppered core of belivers in beauty and fine images know 3dh is a building method not a Hoax, then why not keep it that way ?
--- It can't be true that only I can show the increadible beauty, when 3dh realy get's it's chance ; I know I can model so, but this method was made to build cheap strong houses, and do it with one material only by the aide of a simple computer and trivial math.

Dec 19, 08 2:45 pm

apropos of nothing, per's name always reminds me of this musician...

i guess music is three dimensional too...

Dec 19, 08 2:55 pm


Dec 19, 08 3:12 pm

struck. a. chord.

Per - kudos for being a lot better on your english than I am at my second language - but then again I hope that if I started using it as much as you use english, I certainly hope I would improve faster than you have. I would also use spellcheck, but that's just me.

Nice deflection about not having anything to back up the 3dh. But I must hand it to you - you're fantastic at that in ANY language.

Glad to see I can egg you on by merely pointing out that 3dH is a paper tiger, something that will never amount to anything more than a bunch of lines on a computer screen. Oooh, lets not let the patent department get a hold of this, they might actually ask you to try to prove it will work.

Like I said Per, keep being you!

Dec 19, 08 7:19 pm

From my Biography at at ;

"and progress a splendid new construction method I develobed many years ago, a method NASA say has only one foult, that it is 20 years ahead it's time. I love life and intend to be perfecting my works by learning and studying to master everything but english spelling."

Dec 20, 08 2:39 am

About Patent I destroyed that by publishing a detailed description in a Chinese architecture magazin in english and translated to Chinese ; no one can claim Patent on something that has been published like this.

But is this realy what architecture shuld be about ; not hammering out your own good idears, but going hounting for copy and paste pray ?

Who profit from that ?

Now it's not just the 3dh that has been victimised like that, this guy realy did spend his time at the architect acadamy and then when he had enough of stupid englishmen with the useal lack of moral and reading all that nonsense about digital means for production of building compoments and the trivial one eyed praising of the old settled methods, -- then offcaurse the copycats jump onto painting, and thinking it is only about using an easy technike, closing their eyes for qualities in these paintings that the average audience instantly response, it draw a paralell to 3dh where all that was able to spark, was jeloux or agrassive responses ; guess it was the wrong audience, and none had the same drive in search for beauty.

Dec 20, 08 5:00 am

Sorry, here a Chinese articke about 3dh ;

Dec 20, 08 5:02 am

Listen Romans, I said I am right I know even yoyr language better than yourself ;

Apr 23, 09 4:33 pm

Now many things happened since I last time found my passeword.
Here "Ironwoman" a piece I painted together with the german StreetArt master "Seak".

About 3dh, I hope you Romans is over your surprise that some guy just published a method to generate building parts from a 3D drawing for anyone to try out, on the web. Time proven the concept to be sound, but it is sad the issue was so hot, that it sparked a negative and not a positive response. The past day's I thought about what happened when finaly we could make a contest where the only limitation was to use 3dh. Realy I find it sad, sad some could not wait to turn also this into a joke.
What a spoiled chance.

May 21, 10 8:25 am

Sorry I forgot about the limited format of this site.

May 21, 10 8:34 am

"Queue two" not easy to paint, what looks like an accident spoiled black paint on canvas, is not easy, look, use your imagination, pay some attention, .

Yes Per Corell also make good portraits, -- realy I would rather project fancy building structures, but as you know what these are made from.

Who would think anyone made so much fool of here, would become so loved

Guess the crowd.

Portraits from PusherStreet -- if you are into exiting new art, you are welcome to visit my ArtWanted pages, ---- just remember look into things, before you offer your oppinion;

May 21, 10 8:57 am

what the hell is this?

May 21, 10 11:28 am

mbp -

classic thread, part of the essential history of archinect.

and there was a time when this thread was the longest ever!

i remember when we each took our turn getting so frustrated with per, arguments that went nowhere or spun off into crazy-land.

and now per's like a wonderful but eccentric uncle.

May 21, 10 12:33 pm

as architectural design community poopooed per's 3dh ideas they have also copied it with silence and with slicker render monkey drawings appealing to their b-logger influenced community, stealing per's authorship with the approval and support of their famous peers.

frustrated per moved on to projecting and painting beautiful murals.

there were also a lot of reaction against per corell because his english thought to be not good with his mis-spellings and creative use of language.

this is like one man's plea against 'romans' (trend followers.)

May 21, 10 1:00 pm

Good stuff, PC!!!!

May 21, 10 1:35 pm

this is awesome! i haven't seen this thread in two years

May 21, 10 8:46 pm

Over the years I've often thought of Per when I see similar work that is now trendy. He was on to something.

Did "Hi all you fancy graphics lovers" ever make it on to a tee shirt?

May 22, 10 9:48 am

as I recall there was a tee shirt

May 22, 10 11:19 am

I am working on adding images to my Facebook and came over these tonns of old renderings of increadible fantasy structures, those I tortured my many computers over those years into renderings as self explaining as possible. Please remember I had several levels before I could make you realise, how multible layers or multible scales of 3dh, would support eachother in a way, so all the doubt of the structure could be elimaniated.
In my mind I knew this worked.
But I do not blame anyone, that it was difficult with my english and the complexity of a revolusionary new way to percive a building structure.
Those who do not know the tale, the battle and my commitment must realise, that this make anything at a third four times stronger --- but the structure was not as anyone waiting for "It" the new, the architectural revolution, -- would expect it to look or work. So many times I had to point out, that a new thing an innovation or a brand new vision about how to project the future houses, offcaurse could not be something allready seen understood or allready known. It had to be different.

Finaly I realised, that if I could just ignite the spark, just start a process that would lid the vision of increadible beautifull and practic new architecture, -- then I should be happy. Today I found that beauty in the faces of people and the atmosphere of a site.

May 22, 10 6:16 pm

The image left is my latest one, I painted it together with a german StreetArt master "Seak" . But what is interesting is that the image show ehat my camera see. My camera is a few years old but has "face reconision" It also has an automatic "Make-up" function that in six levels will beautify the faces it find. Modern cameras has a much more agrasive Make-up function and do not just add dark at the eyes but red at the lips. --- Everything in green frames in the image, is reconised as a face, a face ready for auto make-up !!!

May 22, 10 6:40 pm

I suggest everyone who come over an image that is obviously a 3dh, to add it to this discussion -- now the above only has a slight 3dh aproach, but would it have been there, without Per Corell promoting his 3dh ?

Please do so, it will support an honest aproach to intelectural property.
In my dreams it could make it possible, to prove what 3dh realy can, that it is not just a one layer waffle structure, but a visionary idea about generating a building structure in a way suited for computers.

So please put in images.

May 23, 10 8:23 am

Difficult to determine, if the frensh pavilion, is a genuine, single layer 3dh. Anyone checked that ?
The sections , ribs, just need to be disribuated with the 90 deg described for 3dh, Then it is.

Jun 1, 10 3:34 pm

In my mind, there are no doubt, but that raise a few questions ;

The reson I ask this question if this is just a plain 3dh is easily explained ; if you go to the begining of this tread and read the responses after I publish this concept all you read is very agrasive and very strange replies ;

Beta instantly reply and this is only the begining ;

"Are you looking for a discussion or are you looking for people to bow down and kiss your feet, and then raise you on their shoulders carrying you around like you are the king of architecture?"

Realy I still wonder why Beta had these expertations about why I went out and published, maybe someone here can give a clue and maybe also a clue about what you can read in the beginning of this tread -- I find the reaction very strange and very agrassive fierce and not the reply you give a guy who happy share a great idea. Why shouldn't this be the USA pavilion years ago ? Why was it more fun to make a fool of someone who offered a free and great new way to solve the problem with those computers. Some guy who realy spended tree years at the architect acadamy listening to the calls for new tools and new production.

As some know, this example, show a very primitive aproach to 3dh -- 3dh only become interesting, when it grow the floors and walls and not only a shell structure. Now even after all these years it seem the one who develobed it and spendes so much efford to get out all over the web, is still one of the few who in those terms, "has seen the vision" and is able to overview the multible way's 3dh can be made, how all possible troubles are avoided --- but I wonder if all you fancy graphics lovers, has the gutts to offer the credits,

Jun 2, 10 11:38 am
le bossman

interesting point, per. it appears that in stealing your ideas, they have also modified them so that the ribs are now curved.

Jun 2, 10 1:21 pm
le bossman

their version of 3dh appears to not even be structural, save for supporting itself. in fact, it isn't even a curtain wall but just a lattice. they have not in anyway utilized the most cost-effective advantages of this unique concept. but what do you expect from a frenchman.

Jun 2, 10 1:23 pm

Some threads are worth coming back for.

Jun 2, 10 4:12 pm

Le Boss --- 3dh are as curved as the 3D model it replace, that is the mouth opening issue about it -- please know how astonised I was when I realised that this realy do deliver. and allmost to well in fact so increadible that I do not blame some for thinking this is to good to be true.

And then that is just the surface of it --- this work as magic and that image has been what kept me promoting it, you see when floors and walls just grow while the sections assemble, --- when you see that in a 3d drawing, and think about the savings, the efficiency it promise, the new way to make things .........


Jun 3, 10 9:44 am

Hi again, please check this awsom design go to the video and enjoy --- untill suddenly it is not a shell, what happen is not explained but SUDDENLY there are a structure. Guess what that structure looks a lot like ;

Jun 17, 10 12:27 pm

Is what we see in this tread a typical american sickness ?

Jul 18, 10 8:29 pm

Well, --- I guess this is about you guy's missing the point. Case you didn't mistake low pray for low pay, you newer understood visions are the only answer, that to be able to compeed you need visions and ability to dare suggest something even it make you the pray.
Sad in a way as I realy thought cheap houses and a revolution in manufactoring, could profit the trade, beside a new way to envision the structure, --- but it is to sticky with social skills, criminal mind and low karma. You guy's get exactly what you pay It would've been better with a revolution in construction, but na not when that guy don't spell the words right. Now go bully eachother.

Jul 18, 10 8:42 pm

Now as I thought 3dh slowly progress. Now it is only about realising why not to follow the tradisional construction planes.


Now this vision did not get the head start it realy deserved, --- did it ?

In this contry, a story as how 3dh was met by the very people who could profit most from it, would become an eyeopener. One speaking the true role played by the naive visionary. How come that after more than 10 years of heavy promoting 3dh, the concept don't add one pale credit for the guy who had the vision, made the battles in a very hostile inviroment ?

But still 3dh, even here in this animation, is displayed in it's most simple model, --- that tell me how difficult it is for some and how natural it come to others, to see a vision. Think about it --- now they placed a roof and a floor beside the walls, how come they did not place just a single floor inbetween ?. And why stay with the tradisional construction planes, when the important issue, only is to make sure there are 90 deg. between the sections. Freedom in designing is not something you learn.

Nov 5, 10 10:04 am

I collected a small number of 3dh structures in my Facebook profile ;

Now my suggestion is to start by getting the finger out your... and realise what structure mean in terms of realising the structure ;

Image the freedom in designing anything.

Image how much stronger and flexible a fuselage will become, when it is not the skin, as with ribs, --- but structure and skin a box structure, that form the fuselage.


Still even the chinese realised Per Corell needed some credit, you guy's only react with silent, -- well read the tread and you understand.

Think about how much would have been gained, not using this guy's naive aproach, for your sick "humor".

Nov 5, 10 10:21 am

HAHAHAHAHA Per is back!

Oh I love it. That's quite an album, Per!

Side note, remember when we thought this thread was long?

Nov 8, 10 1:06 am

Hello !
I am also a new member. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guy !

Watch Megamind Online Free

Nov 8, 10 4:35 am

i needed this.

Nov 9, 10 12:50 am

If they build this, I am thinking about and tagging it with "Per Corell was here!"

In fact, funny or sad, when this thread was started, there were hardly any examples of this system. Now it is everywhere. Per Corell is the author of this and people better start to give him credit. Were there similar examples of it in 20 th. century? Yes there were, but most examples we see these days are 1 to 1 iterations of what Per was talking about.

Why is he not recognized?

Jun 18, 11 7:23 pm

If they build this, I am thinking about and tagging it with "Per Corell was here!"

In fact, funny or sad, when this thread started, there were hardly any examples of this system. Now it is everywhere. Per Corell is the author of this and people better start to give him credit. Were there similar examples of it in 20 th. century? Yes there were, but most examples we see these days are 1 to 1 iterations of what Per was talking about.

Why is he not recognized?

Jun 18, 11 7:24 pm

I have been reading through this old, but interesting thread. Those ribbed, waffle-like structures that can be seen in many applications today and specially in schools, where first envisioned by P.C.? Wow, he did have an influence!

Apr 4, 13 6:25 pm

Yes I had been spending 4 years at the danish architect acadamy where I was invited -- true I could easily have been an architect, there were two professors I know that would have taken care of me, but I continued at the "nasional workshops for arts and crafts" here in copenhagen, where I fulfilled 5 projects about writing software and building prototypes.


3dh came in a blitz but I had been working for many years with software and prototypes an at the project I wrote a driver for a 3D router btw.  But this is my problem --- this is what I can and I can nothing else.. I will not discuss if only being able to work with what you are completely in to is "normal". I am no normal person -- someone tried bully me that I don't have an education -- but even without that, I was invited to use the acadamy and use workshops that is only allowed to people at the top of the ladder --- why do you think ?

Still here you guy's could only use me to bully, to throw dirt at, to do all those dirty tricks that make life a hell for so many other people -- and yet 3dh havn't even been understood. no one realy looked closer to it and realised how great it would work in so many situations. Becaurse social skills are more important than good idears ?

Jun 28, 13 8:46 am

Anyway, -- whoever like can go on Facebook and look at my pages ; Ask for friendship even.

If you do so, there are many foto folders of the StreetArt I make and the innovative style I use when painting. Yes I became a painter, -- even I would also have liked to build fantastic structures with 3dh or build shelters in 3dh, earthquake safe houses, cheap houses in a new way.  So just look in Facebook or seartch Google with "Per Corell" and my streetname "SilverScreen". You can't stop a good man.

Jun 28, 13 8:58 am

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