Client wants to install solar panels and water recycling system


The owners of a house want to install solar panels, water recycling systems, including lighting. Am I getting into bad liability issues if I specifiy all this into my drawings for plan check and hire out the electrician and plumber to install all this.  Of course the installers are from a reliable company so they are qualified electricians and plumbers but I dont know if I am overstepping my level of responsibility if I also provide install.


I noticed interior designers provide installers for tiles and cabinets so I thought maybe this would be the same thing... or am I wrong.?

Jul 15, 13 5:46 pm

Act as CM and have the owner contract directly with the service providers. Your bit is identifying the appropriate tech and best contractors, bidding and negotiation, monitoring (not supervising) the work and providing necessary administration "on the owner's behalf".

Sounds like a nice gig and good education.

Jul 15, 13 7:23 pm

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