Inches or millimeters?



Sorry if this is a stupid question but I graduated my BA architecture recently and moved to the US shortly after. I just wanted to ask do architects in here use inches or metric system when using CAD? Thanks

Jul 11, 13 8:40 pm

xD  you need to know both.  Depending on the firm, you could use either metric or imperial,  although it seems like most firms are doing work in metric these day.  However, you'll almost always have to deal with both because different trades and suppliers manufacture or work according to how they've done it in the past

Jul 11, 13 9:56 pm

I think it also depends a lot of what systems you have on the specific project and what the modular dimensions are. I have been trying to work with american standard sizes for metal studs (3 5/8 inches, etc). in meters... it is horrible. 

Jul 11, 13 11:45 pm
boy in a well

regarding cad: just know how to scale/convert your files depending on where you're working or where your project is. In short - be flexible. Inches for a stateside project, metric otherwise.

most of my recent projects have in in Europe, but im in the states. Every sub is different as to what the base unit is (cm or mm, etc) - makes coordination a slight pain. but if its expected........its fine.

Jul 12, 13 7:48 am
Everything in the US is feet + inches.
Jul 13, 13 8:25 am
Uh, I tend to measure mine in inches
Jul 13, 13 12:16 pm
boy in a well

using centimeters is better than shaving your pubes.

Jul 13, 13 1:00 pm

When you say inches, do you mean "English Imperial weights and measures"? In the US, feet and inches are the standard for projects built in the US. If you are in a US firm doing work outside the US, you will use metric. They are not interchangeable. Thinking in metric on a US project will get you into trouble. Standards are different. A 3'-0" door is a US standard. In metric it would be 900mm. 3 feet does not convert to 900mm. I have worked around the US and the World. I understand both systems. People from other countries can't understand why we have this system. People from the US wonder why you speak a different language. The answer to both questions is the same: it's part of our heritage. I will use metric when France speaks English. 

Regarding units in AutoCAD: the way they implemented units is the craziest mixed-up mess conceivable. Do not learn ANYTHING about units from ACAD. Revit does units right. Learn from them. An object does not change size when measured in different units. Are you taller in metric than inches?

Jul 19, 13 5:38 pm

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